Tennessee-Evansville baseball weather updates: Lightning delays Vols' super regional game (2024)


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Mother Nature has made an appearance in Knoxville for No. 1 Tennessee baseball's pivotal Game 3 of the Knoxville Super Regional against Evansville — and it isn't a good one.

Due to lightning detected in the Knoxville area, along with rain at the stadium, first pitch between the Vols and Purple Aces will not start on time at 7:06 p.m. ET, according to Tennessee's account on X (formerly Twitter). The team told fans that had already made their way into Lindsey Nelson Stadium to seek shelter.

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The winner of Sunday's game will advance to the College World Series. Tennessee took Game 1 on Friday, 11-6, before allowing the Purple Aces to get back into the series with a 10-8 victory on Saturday.

Follow along here for live weather updates:

Tennessee vs. Evansville baseball live weather updates

This section will be updated. All times Eastern

7:07 p.m.: Game is underway in Knoxville as Zander Sechrist throws a first pitch strike. Play ball!

7:03 p.m.: The start of Tennessee vs. Evansville is starting on ESPNews and ESPN+. It will move to ESPNU at the conclusion of Florida-Clemson.

— Tennessee Baseball (@Vol_Baseball) June 9, 2024

7:00 p.m.: The conclusion of Florida-Clemson in the Clemson Super Regional is heading to ESPNU now due to Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN. More to come on any TV change for the Vols-Purple Aces.

6:50 p.m.: Tennessee tweeted out about a half hour ago that both teams have returned to the field and pregame warm ups are underway. First pitch is now 15 minutes away!

Players are back on the field and warmups have recommenced.

First pitch in 45 minutes!#GBO // #OTH // #BeatUE pic.twitter.com/B1FAHwwo7Z

— Tennessee Baseball (@Vol_Baseball) June 9, 2024

6:45 p.m.: ABC6's Chief Meteorologist Ken Weathers has tweeted on X (formerly Twitter) that the storms have moved out of the Knoxville region, but wind will be a factor tonight.

I’ll repost this from earlier today…
Now that the storms have moved through, we’ll see a NW wind direction and it will be between 5-15 mph this evening blowing out to left. Home run derby?🍊⚾️@Vol_Baseball #GoVols #NCAABaseball #SuperRegional pic.twitter.com/QQ9kNhxtNA

— Ken Weathers ⚡️🌪 (@lucky13wxman) June 9, 2024

6:30 p.m.: Rain looked to have been coming down pretty hard at the stadium in Knoxville as fans squeezed under tents to stay dry. First pitch is still on time to start around 7:06 p.m. ET.

Vols by fiddy pic.twitter.com/mBpUdlsalE

— Scott Burke (@ScottieB925) June 9, 2024

6:10 p.m.: Tennessee tweeted out that gates are now open at the ballpark.

Gates will re-open at 6:10 p.m.

First pitch at 7:06 p.m. on ESPNU!#GBO // #RoadToOmaha pic.twitter.com/dRGNffBZai

— Tennessee Baseball (@Vol_Baseball) June 9, 2024

6:00 p.m.: NCAA weather rules state that once lightning is detected within an eight-mile radius of the stadium, action must be halted for 30 minutes. For every lightning strike after the initial strike, 30 more minutes are added to the delay. Here's more from the NCAA:

"To resume athletics activities, lightning safety experts recommend waiting 30 minutes after both the last sound of thunder and after the last flash of lightning is at least six miles away, and moving away from the venue. If lightning is seen without hearing thunder, lightning may be out of range and therefore less likely to be a significant threat. At night, be aware that lightning can be visible at a much greater distance than during the day as clouds are being lit from the inside by lightning. This greater distance may mean that the lightning is no longer a significant threat. At night, use both the sound of thunder and seeing the lightning channel itself to decide on when to reset the 30-minute return-to-play clock before resuming outdoor athletics activities."

5:49 p.m.: Here's a look at the most recent radar from ABC6's Chief Meteorologist Ken Weathers. Looks like lightning is making its way through the Knoxville area.

Back edge of storms is now past the stadium, but some residual lightning still within “10-15mile safety radius”.
Just saw 7:06pm start time…that should be just fine 👍@Vol_Baseball @VinceSports @JWilkersonWNML @benmckee14 @wesrucker247 @samrothman_ pic.twitter.com/Z7JjrzkJqZ

— Ken Weathers ⚡️🌪 (@lucky13wxman) June 9, 2024

5:24 p.m.: First pitch between the Vols and the Purple Aces is now slated for 7:06 p.m. ET. ESPNU will still handle the broadcast duties.


First pitch is slated for 7:06 p.m. ET on ESPNU.

We will send another update once gates re-open.#GBO

— Tennessee Baseball (@Vol_Baseball) June 9, 2024

5:20 p.m.: Mother Nature delaying baseball from happening on Rocky Top Sunday. Due to lightning detected near Knoxville and rain at the stadium, Tennessee vs. Evansville will begin in a weather delay per the Vols Twitter account.


Lightning has been detected in the area. All fans outside the stadium should take shelter in their vehicles or the parking garages. Fans inside the stadium are asked to shelter in the concourse or other covered areas.

We will send another update once gates…

— Tennessee Baseball (@Vol_Baseball) June 9, 2024

This article originally appeared on Knoxville News Sentinel: Tennessee-Evansville baseball weather updates: Lightning delays game

Tennessee-Evansville baseball weather updates: Lightning delays Vols' super regional game (2024)
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